Original Modern Art Paintings and prints by Paul Chambers, Nottingham.


       Art is whatever you can get away with

- Andy Warhol    


My paintings are in acrylic or mixed media.

My preferred style is abstract and impressionistic.


April 2nd 2016 was our golden wedding anniversary

Having lost friends and family to dementia recently we decided to commemorate the occasion by raising money to support Alzheimer's Society.

Some of the money raised will be a percentage of the proceeds from sales of paintings and any donations from friends and family will be much appreciated by us and Alzheimer's Society.

Cheers, Maggie and Paul x



Until I retired in 2007, I worked at a printing company.

My wife Margaret and I have always lived in Nottingham.
Even as a child I always enjoyed drawing and painting but it was only when I retired that I began painting professionally.

The internet and on-line art galleries provided the opportunity to show my work to a huge number of people and sell my pictures thus enabling me to keep painting.

Art4now, Original Paintings by Nottingham artist, Paul Chambers.